Bti for Root Knot Nematodes


Bti is a naturally occurring bacteria.  It forms certain toxins in the gut of certain larvae when they eat it – mosquitoes, some midges, some gnats, and root knot nematodes… – and kills them.  Bti is the active ingredient used in mosquito “Dunks”.

It is not harmful to other creatures which include humans, fish, tadpoles, frogs and toads, birds, cats, dogs, earthworms…

When you buy the “Microbe-Lift BMC” it comes in a container like this (about quart size) I purchased the medium size.  If you buy the small or large size, it will come in a smaller or larger jar respectively. (click on image to purchase – CFG will get a small commission)

Inside the jar is a bottle and a measuring cup.

This is the bottle that contains the Bti.  Be aware that the bottle is not full – the medium looks to be an 8oz bottle with 6oz of Bti.

The Bti is liquid and looks like watery mud – has a little bit of a smell but not much and not too bad.  It is concentrated, do not use it directly – you must dilute it as you need it.

The jar and bottle have all kinds of warnings and danger dangers written on them but those seem to be generic over the top CYA (cover your a$$) governmental requirements that really aren’t applicable according to all my research.

The directions are for use in water holds where mosquitoes might be found – it’s “approved” use.  There are no directions for using it in dirt for root knot nematodes.  So I did some logical assumptions and calculations from the info on the bottle.

One drop of Bti concentrate will treat 20 gallons of water.

I use a kitty litter container to mix my Bti solution in.  The container is about 2.5 gallons.

I shake the bottle up real good then put 10 – 12 drops of Bti concentrate (enough to treat 200-240 gallons of water) in the container and fill with water.

The Bti does not come with a dropper.  You can buy them at any store that has a pharmacy for just a couple of bucks for a 2 pack.

I water the soil VERY VERY WELL prior to application making sure it is good and wet.

-This is to make sure that the solution will be able to spread into the soil.

-As it spreads, it will be further diluted closer to the appropriate 1 drop to 20 gallons level.

I use Bti to treat whole beds in general, to water transplants and seeds when I put them in the ground, and a periodic booster watering to established plants.

That’s it.

DISCLAIMER (Gotta have a disclaimer): My ‘experiment’ was not done using scientific method, I’m not saying it works, I’m not making any claims.  I’m only telling you what I did and what I observed.  There is no guarantee made or implied that you will have the same results.

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