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New to Gardening in Central Florida?

Haven’t a Clue Where to Start or What to Do?

Having Problems Getting Things to Grow?

Things Just Aren’t Working the Way They Did in Your Garden Where You Used to Live?

You Need a Little HELP and Hand-Holding?

Then You NEED

Central Florida Gardening


I know exactly how you feel… I was once in your shoes too. I desperately wanted a garden. Read all the books. Watched all the gardening shows. Did everything exactly like they said.


Seeds didn’t germinate. Seedlings didn’t thrive. Plants didn’t produce. All kinds of diseases and bugs that I’d never seen or heard of before attacked. Watering was weird. Fertilizing didn’t work so well. Etc., Etc., Etc…. You know what I mean, don’t you.

What Happened

I started looking at the plants around me and noticing how they grew.

Obviously they had never read the books or watched the gardening shows because they weren’t doing anything like what the books and shows said they should be doing.

A lot of research and studying and experimenting later, I figured out that it was the environment of Central Florida. We’re in an in-between topsy-turvy sort of place as far as what familiar plants need and the way they grow.

We have to do things differently here.


CFG Week-by-Week

I took all that research and studying and what I learned and put it into a week-by-week program for Central Florida Gardeners so they (that means you) can successfully garden here in this twilight zone 9 too.

Each week on Monday Morning, you will find a week specific post in the WxW members area

The post contains

  • An informative tutorial pertinent to that week – for example, at the start of hurricane season you get tutorials about hurricanes and your garden
  • Links associated with the tutorial
  • A list of things to do, watch for, be aware of, in the news, tasks, tips, etc.
  • Links associated with the task list
  • A list of what you should/can plant that week – in the garden, or flats/pots, or containers…
  • A list of chores
  • And often something extra

The next Monday a new post will be in the members’ area that’s pertinent to the new week

You also get occasional product discounts and specials, challenges and more

NEW!! A special CFG WxW FaceBook group where you can interact with other WxW members, ask questions, show off your garden, applaud the successes of your fellow CFG gardeners and commiserate with them over problems

Near the end of each month, there will be a ditty (video or webinar) talking about the next month’s gardening and address some questions.

CFG WxW Special Deal

$7 a month (normally $10)

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  • I can refund and cancel for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days

P.S. Central Florida Gardening Week-by-Week is a monthly payment membership site.

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You will see the name Georgia Eden on your receipt and paperwork – so don’t be confused if you don’t see Central Florida Gardening.

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